Michael Peisel is Added to the Firm

PLACE designers inc. is very happy to be adding Michael Peisel to the Designer Architecture Studio

PLACE designers inc. puts high value on culture.  Talent is needed, however being a successful part of the firm requires skill and a great attitude.  Michael brings just that.  He is very adept at using Autodesk Revit which fits the exact need we are looking for.  His contribution in other ways fulfills our needs.

Michael was born in the Bronx, New York, and grew up in Central Florida.  Florida is where he was exposed to the most architecture and where it became his chosen field.  Being with PLACE designers inc. gives him the experience and motivation to become a better architect. 

When asked why Michael chose to work with PLACE designers inc., his answer is exactly what we want to hear, “I chose to join PLACE because of the variety of work. At this firm, I knew I would be exposed to different building types and programs, and that excited me.”  That is what excites us as well.