markets we Create

Ideally, the firm that represents you should consist of architects, landscape architects, building engineers, land development engineers, planners and more.  Having specialized disciplines in one firm has a tremendous impact on you and your investment in many ways.

PLACE designers inc. has the experience and the network to help you get your project moving along just as you planned.


How do you take families of different sizes and needs, living in an environment of close proximity, and still allow them to call it 'home'. Allow us to show you.


What goes in to a subdivision is more than streets and homes. The multiple layers needed to satisfy codes and environmental regulations require our many disciplines.


When the word "hospitality" is mentioned, what comes to mind? Warmth, inviting, comfort, security? Ours too. Can you envision leaving stress behind as you enter the property? We do.

Existing Condition Assessment

Existing Condition Assessments help developers understand the physical condition and value of their potential investment, develop capital budgets, and prioritize resources.


Being called on by municipalities to take open land to create parks and a variety of facilities calls
on all disciplines. We have them all.


From Johns Hopkins University, to public schools, to private learning centers, we have ensured the highest quality of work. Each unique design fills the need.


From buildings that reach several stories to single stand-alone offices, the unique vision you
present needs to become a reality. Your tenants want it. We can do it. You will see.


A place for everything and everything in its place. The design and flow of an industrial building means maximizing space, increasing productivity, and providing a safe environment.


Style and functionality. The ability to appease customers from the outside, while making full use of the interior space, breeds a successful relationship all around.

Landscape Architects

What catches the eye, captures the attention. Landscape is not just grass and plants, it is the flow. It is the depth.It is light and shadows. Accomplished. the feeling and invitation projected becomes evident.