Who we are

Our Coming together

We apply innovative design solutions to enhance people’s residential wellbeing and to help workplaces succeed! All our team collaborates with our clients!

PLACE designers inc., as the name of the firm, may be modern, its history is long and decorated.

When combining strength, stability, and vast experience with eagerness and innovation, what you create is an award earning firm that meets and exceeds the demands of our valued clients. That is what took place in 2014.

LZT Architects and BWM Group each had strengths to offer each other.  LZTA was a multi-disciplined architectural, interior design, and planning firm that has operated continuously since its creation in Peoria, Illinois in 1932.  In 1987, along with partners Val Fuger and John Merritt, Herman Thun brought the firm to Austin and built an award-winning practice with notable clients, which include AISD, The Salvation Army and the Housing Authority of Austin.

BWM Group was founded in Round Rock, Texas in 1998 as a planning and landscape design firm.  After participating in acclaimed projects, including Austin Bergstrom International Airport, Settlers Park Ball fields, and Dell Diamond, BWM Group added architecture in 2009 and civil engineering in 2010.  The three disciplines demonstrated the effectiveness of collaboration in the Summit at Rivery Park, a wildly successful mixed-use development.

LZT Architects identifies with innovative and sensitive boutique architectural projects.  BWM Group has a strong history in planning and a unique ability to support developers and builders from conception through construction, both in land development and building design.  Completely complimentary, the two firms offer the full breadth of experience to projects.

Unique to PLACE designers inc. is the increased collaboration, efficiency, and accountability of combining Planning, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Architecture in one firm.

Our past is rich and extensive in scope.

The present glows with strength and innovation.

Our future will rewrite what superior means.

And that future is now.

why choose our full turn-key firm?

PLACE designers inc. is a full service architectural and engineering firm.   Having specialized disciplines ALL in one firm has a tremendous impact on you and your investment in many ways.


Confidence - Knowing our high quality, experience, vast team, and desire to have your investment be a success,  enables you to focus on other facets of your project.   


Time - Communication between firms often backlog projects.  Trying to coordinate each discipline and get everyone on the same page ties up a valuable resource.  One that cannot be made up - time.  We minimize those issues.


Precision - Our history and body of work speaks for itself.  We understand and deliver what you expect.  And more.


Money - Your financial part of an investment needs to be considered in detail.  Imagine the impact of the above on your bottom line.  Protect what is yours.

What makes us